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    Workplace Wellness Solutions: Stress Management

    Dr. Donna Hamilton May 29, 2014

    Contrary to popular belief, not all stress is bad. Chronic stress, however, can negatively affect your health.  Everyone’s job has stress. Learn how unchecked workplace stress, combined with personal life stress, might be affecting you.  Then don’t stress about stress! Instead, take a few breaths and create a plan to address it.  

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Dynamic Health & Wellness Speaker

Dynamic holistic wellness speaker Dr. Donna L. Hamilton, MD provides her audiences practical tips and tools to optimize health and well-being by addressing the five key areas impacting health. Participants leave her informative and engaging wellness presentations with realistic strategies that assist them in taking effective steps toward becoming optimally healthy. She combines over 20 years experience in traditional health promotion with a holistic and comprehensive wellness philosophy. This innovative combination provides effective tools and strategies for creating true wellness. A former board certified pediatrician, Dr. Donna™ quickly learned the key to achieving optimal health in children: optimize the health of the adults in their lives. This simple but often overlooked inspires her wellness speaking.

Holistic & Trauma Informed Wellbeing Strategist

A passionate advocate for everyone having the knowledge and resources to live truly healthy lives, Dr. Donna™ teaches what it really means to be healthy and how to do it in a way that addresses your unique needs. Understanding that a healthy lifestyle involves more than food and fitness, she champions a comprehensive approach to wellness. This holistic approach stems from her career as a community pediatrician. A former board certified pediatrician, Dr. Hamilton frequently saw external factors like stress, environment, and relationships impact not only her patients’ health but also their caregivers’. Addressing these issues often was a major factor in her patients’ ability to truly become well. She combines her solid foundation in traditional medicine with additional holistic health and spiritual life coach training to teach easy and effective wellness tools and strategies to help you move from stuck to unstoppable™.

Excellence Activator™

On a mission to help everyone live the healthy, satisfying lives we’re meant to live, Dr. Donna’s practical and informative health and wellness presentations teach participants how to plot a path toward health that makes sense for them. During her career as a community pediatrician Dr. Donna™ saw firsthand that a healthy lifestyle involves more than food and fitness. She also became acutely aware that our society had an “illness focus” rather than a “wellness focus” while simultaneously facing increasing difficulty offering the education most parents and children needed to maintain healthy lifestyles. This prompted Dr. Hamilton to “hang up her stethoscope” and begin using her medical expertise to teach adults how to navigate the sometimes complex journey to optimal health and wellness.

Pause for Wellness®: Take Time to Get Healthier in a Way That Makes Sense for You.

Dr. Donna is best known for inspiring audiences of professional women with thought-provoking and sometimes humorous stories. She o­ffers a mix of inspiration and practical information for creating a healthier lifestyle.  Her speaking topics address key issues necessary for holistically creating health and wellness including personal wellness, stress management, self-care, and life balance.  

Workplace Wellness

1Employees can’t work well if they don’t feel well. Companies lose $227 billion per year due to employee absenteeism and presenteeism. Dr. Donna™ provides engaging presentations that assist employees in creating personal wellness plans that meet their unique needs and priorities so they can be more engaged and productive at work.

Executive Seminars

2Good leadership requires more than the skills to guide your team to productive and profitable outcomes. It also requires the ability to effectively and consistently manage the physical, mental, emotional, and social stresses that accompany busy executive positions. Dr. Donna™ teaches busy executives realistic and effective tips being healthier so they can be more effective leaders.

Women's Conferences

3Whether they are a busy boss, employee, mother, wife, daughter, or fill countless other roles, Dr. Donna™ addresses participants at Women’s Conferences in their most important role: Self. They receive practical tools and resources to get out of overwhelm and create a personal wellness plan that fits their specific needs.

Wellness Retreats

4Dr. Donna’s down to earth presentation style nicely complements the relaxing settings of transformational health and wellness retreats. Her holistic approach addressesing physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health supports participants in having the transformative experience they often seek on a wellness retreat.

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